Exploring the Ubud Nightlife

20 December, 2023

Ubud is recognized as the centre for everything cultural and artistic! While their daytime excursions offer a multitude of exciting attractions and healing treatments, the nightlife in Ubud still brings something equally unmissable to the table.

It may not be as loud and vibrant as the jam packed south side of Bali, from Seminyak to Canggu, but deep in the lush greeneries, the Ubud nightlife is all about curated experiences. 

What to expect

Nights in Ubud are vibrant and serene, with a collection of roadside restaurants and hidden boutiques lighting up the main street as the sun goes down.

The nightlife in Ubud tends to be more on the cultural side. You can expect traditional performances at temples and cultural centres when the sun goes down, from an authentic theatrical performance, traditional dances, to impressive fire dances! Visitors can enjoy an immersive experience of the island’s rich cultural heritage.

Or if you’re looking for something more modern and hip, you can find quaint bars and restaurants with their daily live music session, filling the air with soulful tunes to get you in the groove! If you’re planning to spend your stay far from downtown Bali, you can still definitely find lively places to visit and must-try nightclubs in Ubud.

What to do

After a full day of excursion around the flora and fauna of Ubud, the Ubud nightlife begins to come alive! You can mostly find evening traditional performances happening weekly in temples around Ubud, showcasing incredible stories through the medium of dance and performance. 

But while Ubud is mostly known for its cultural sights, you can still expect a vibrant party scene, from live music, casual bars, to speakeasies and clubs! Walk along the backroads and discover hidden charms of the Ubud nightlife and enjoy a breezy moment of nighttime fun.

Discovering local culinary delights are also one of the most popular things to do at night in Ubud, with lots of hawkers and roadside merchants selling greasy goodness to unique desserts.Though it is advisable to be constantly aware of what you consume because foreigners might not be used to the diverse spices of the island!

Where to go

Ubud Royal Palace

From 7.30 PM, be part of the crowd and relive the rich Balinese history!  

From the traditional Legong dance, a theatrical Ramayana Ballet, or the dramatic Barong performance, be blown away by authentic performers and mesmerising dancers as they tell an ancient tale.

You can find weekly night performances in temples all around Ubud, like the Ubud Royal Palace, Saraswati Temple, and Pura Dalem.Prices start from 100k/person.

Kabana Ubud

For those looking for a classic nightlife scene in Ubud, discover the charm of a jungle pool club at Kabana Ubud! 

Open from 6 PM - 2 AM, watch the night come to life as the jungle falls asleep. With exciting laser lights and live performances, discover the vibrant Ubud nightlife from a new perspective!

Blue Door

An iconic getaway in Ubud, a playground of fun, energy, and allure in every venue.

Their Beer Garden is lively hub of entertainment, with live bands and unmissable sports matches, making this venue an ideal getaway for those looking for a classic, laidback way to unwind and relax. Plus, don’t miss out on their tasty cocktails and selection of hearty bar foods to keep you satisfied.

If you’re looking for something more upbeat, then the Club Lounge is the place for you. A neon-filled world of charm and allure, an intimate club setting to dance the night away with a weekly lineup of curated events for a new experience every night.


A dining and clubbing experience in Ubud, Donna infuses an array of culture to celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of the world, offering a refined, bespoke venue for an unmatched weekend vibe.

Enjoy an exquisite dinner selection, featuring menus inspired by Mediterranean and Latin American cuisine, as well as innovative takes on traditional favorites. Paired by excellent wines, turn your moments into unforgettable excursions around the Ubud nightlife as you bask in their unique ambiance and memorable setting.

We hope our guide to nightlife in Ubud helps you to navigate your way through the lively & lush town. Whether you prefer catching cultural sights or dancing the night away in a lively club, the nightlife in Ubud promises unforgettable evenings filled with energy and excitement to ensure that your holiday in Bali is truly one for the books!

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