Transforming The Beauty of Heritage

At the heart of the Abisena Ubud lives a harmonious fusion of the natural world with traditional architecture, creating a space where the heritage of the island is on show for all to see. Each accommodation at the Abisena Ubud is a tribute to the past, integrating local craftsmanship and materials with contemporary designs.

Honoring Tradition Seizing Tomorrow

The artistic influences of local artisans, past and present, can be felt throughout the resort. Drawing inspiration from the natural world and using locally sourced resources, each suite has been carefully crafted to give a feeling of luxurious comfort.
The Odyssey Mindfulness,
From the Body & Soul to The Heart of Journey

Dive Into Limitless Reals of Journey

Abisena Ubud offers a curated array of in-house facilities, meaning guests have everything they need at any time of the day. The resort has been designed with guest enjoyment in mind. Please inquire about any of our facilities, we will be happy to accomodate your requests as best as we can.

Presenting Senses & Leisure

Abisena Ubud, contemporary elegance merges with timeless tradition, creating a unique and sensorial journey. The rich heritage of Ubud is on show at every turn, with the celebration of local culture a focal point of its sleek design. Indulge in homely comforts whilst honouring the past in a setting designed to captivate the senses.

Symphony of wonders

Our resort is strategically tucked away in the heart of Ubud, where age-old temples and less-traveled paths invite you to partake in experiences that resonate with your deepest senses.
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Exploring the Ubud Nightlife

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