Runara Restaurant
Runara restaurant at Abisena Ubud is a tribute to the beauty of traditional food. The restaurant encapsulates its name’s essence - ‘Runa’ symbolising creative expression and dedication, ‘Ara’ signifying peace and serenity. True to its name, the restaurant delivers a spellbinding experience, combining culinary delights with a calm and peaceful ambiance. The Runara restaurant is not only a place to dine; it’s a warm space for our guests to unwind and relax in.
Sadha Lounge
Sadha Lounge at Abisena Ubud is the ideal escape for those looking to disconnect and rejuvenate. A sanctuary where the weight of the everyday, burdens of work and responsibility melt away, leaving only relaxation and comfort. Calming interiors and conscientious service combine to create an environment that encourages you to take a moment and enjoy yourself. Whether it's a coffee or a cocktail you desire or a comfortable chair to sink into, the Sadha welcomes you with open arms.
Drasa Wellness
Designed to evoke the feelings of wellness, the Drasa Wellness invites guests to embark on a sensory journey that will heal body and mind. Traditional and natural products combined with refined techniques delivered by our knowledgeable therapists await. Every treatment is designed to engage the senses, from the aromas of the oils to the gentle touch of the personalised therapists.

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Abisena Ubud, contemporary elegance merges with timeless tradition, creating a unique and sensorial journey. The rich heritage of Ubud is on show at every turn, with the celebration of local culture a focal point of its sleek design. Indulge in homely comforts whilst honouring the past in a setting designed to captivate the senses.

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